Talk notes

Below I have collected notes or slides of some selected talks I have given.

Talks in 2023

  • The stringor bundle
    Conference "Geometries from Strings and Fields", Galileo Galilei Institute, July 2023

  • The stringor bundle
    Workshop "Geometric/Topological Quantum Field Theories and Cobordisms", New York University Abu Dhabi, March 2023

Talks in 2022

  • Transgression of higher structures to loop spaces
    Workshop "Loop Space and Higher Category", online, December 2022

  • A representation of the string 2-group
    TQFT Club Seminar, online, November 2022
    Video   Presentation  

  • Geometric T-Duality: Buscher rules in general topology
    Program "Higher Structures and Field Theory", Erwin-Schrödinger-Institut für Mathematische Physik, August 2022

  • Diffeology as an extension of topology by geometry
    Seminar on diffeology and related topics, online, June 2022

Talks in 2021

  • String geometry
    Seminar "Renormalisation and Geometry", Universität Potsdam, June 2021

Talks in 2020

  • An introduction to higher parallel transport
    Seminar "Algebraic and combinatorial perspectives in the mathematical sciences", online, September 2020
    Presentation   Video  

  • 2-vector bundles, with applications to twisted K-theory and spin geometry
    Program "Higher Structures and Field Theory", Erwin-Schrödinger-Institut für Mathematische Physik, August 2020

Talks in 2019

  • Functorial Field Theories and Spin Geometry
    Mathematics Colloquium Series, New York University Abu Dhabi, November 2019

  • Stacks, Gerbes, and T-Duality
    Seminar "Differential Geometry", University of Adelaide, February 2019

Talks in 2018

  • Fusion in loop spaces
    Workshop "Geometric Quantization", Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery, April 2018

  • Non-geometric T-duals and non-abelian gerbes
    Workshop "Quantum Spacetime '18", III. Annual workshop of the COST Action MP1405 "Quantum Structure of Spacetime", Best Western Hotel Expo, Sofia, February 2018

Talks in 2017

  • String connections and loop spaces
    Workshop "Loop spaces, supersymmetry and index theory", Nankai University at Tianjin, July 2017

Talks in 2016

  • String geometry and spin geometry on loop spaces
    Parallel session "Mathematical aspects of string theory and string geometry", Conference ''Classical and quantum symmetries in mathematics and physics'', Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, July 2016

  • Transgressive central extensions of loop groups
    Conference "Colloquium on Algebras and Representations - Quantum 2016", Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, March 2016

Talks in 2015

  • String structures and supersymmetric sigma models
    Program "Higher structures in string theory and quantum field theory", Erwin-Schrödinger-Institut für Mathematische Physik, December 2015

Talks in 2014

  • Differential string classes and loop spaces
    Workshop "Differential Cohomologies", The Graduate Center, CUNY, August 2014
    Notes   Video  

  • Loop group geometry and transgression
    47. Seminar Sophus Lie, Schloss Rauischholzhausen, May 2014

Talks in 2013

  • Unendlich-Kategorien und Quantenfeldtheorie
    Weihnachtskolloquium, Universität Greifswald, December 2013

  • Lectures on gerbes, loop spaces, and Chern-Simons theory
    Workshop "Chern-Simons Theory: Geometry, Topology and Physics", University of Pittsburgh, May 2013

  • Lectures on gerbes with connection
    Workshop "Topological Aspects of Quantum Field Theories", National University of Singapore, January 2013

Talks in 2011

  • A loop space formulation for the geometry of abelian gerbes
    Conference "Analysis, Geometry, and Quantum Field Theory", Universität Potsdam, October 2011

  • Geometric string structures and supersymmetric sigma models
    Workshop "Higher Gauge Theory, TQFTs, and Categorification", Cardiff University, May 2011

  • Abelian gauge theories on loop spaces and their regression
    Workshop "Higher Gauge Theory, TQFT and Quantum Gravity", Instituto Superior Técnico Lisboa, February 2011

Talks in 2010

  • Global Gauge Anomalies in two-dimensional Bosonic Sigma Models
    Workshop "Geometry, Quantum Fields, and Strings: Categorial Aspects", Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, June 2010

  • Transgression of Gerbes to Loop Spaces
    Workshop "Higher Structures in Topology and Geometry IV", Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, June 2010

  • Chern-Simons Theory and the Categorified Group Ring
    Workshop "Twisted K-Theory and Loop Groups", Talbot 2010 workshop, Breckenridge, Colorado, May 2010

Talks in 2009

  • String Connections and Supersymmetric Sigma Models
    Workshop "Homotopy theory and higher algebraic structures", Special Section at AMS Western Section meeting, University of California at Riverside, November 2009

  • Multiplicative Gerbes and Chern-Simons Theory
    Seminar "Topologie", Universität Bonn, October 2009

  • String Connections and Chern-Simons 2-Gerbes
    Workshop "Strings, Fields and Topology", Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, June 2009

  • Smooth Functors for higher-dimensional Parallel Transport
    Workshop "Smooth Structures in Logic, Category Theory and Physics", Ottawa University, May 2009

Talks in 2008

  • Transport Functors and Connections on Gerbes
    Seminar "Topology", University of California at Berkeley, August 2008
    Notes Part 1   Notes Part 2  

  • Geometry for 2-Form Gauge Fields
    Conference "Tagung des Sonderforschungsbereichs Particles, Strings and the Early Universe", Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY Zeuthen, February 2008

Talks in 2007

  • Parallel Transport and Functors
    Conference "Categories in Geometry and mathematical Physics", Mediterranean Institute For Life Sciences, September 2007

  • Parallel Transport Functors of Principal Bundles and (non-abelian) Bundle Gerbes
    Conference "Principal Bundles, Gerbes and Stacks", VBAC-Meeting, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, June 2007

Talks in 2006

  • Gerbes in unoriented WZW-Models
    Summer school "Modern Mathematical Physics IV", University of Belgrade, September 2006

Talks in 2005

  • Introduction to Gerbes in Conformal Field Theory
    Workshop "Gerbes, twisted K-theory and conformal field theory", Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, August 2005

  • Einführung in die perturbative Quantisierung von Chern-Simons-Theorien
    Seminar "Geometrische Aspekte der konformen Feldtheorie", Rerik, February 2005