If you are interested in writing a thesis (e.g. a bachelor or master thesis) under my supervision, please don't hesitate to contact me, preferably via email. The topics can be balanced with your individual interests, and are based either on recent courses or on my research interests.


It is useful if you have attended classes or seminars in my research areas. In the Bachelor division such classes are, e.g., Abstract Algebra, Topology, Differential Geometry, or Functional Analysis. I also recommend minoring in "Theoretical Physics". In the Master division recommended classes are Algebraic Topology, Operator Algebras, Homological Algebra, Gauge Theory.

Supervised theses

  • Bachelor theses
    William Kähms (2023) "Grothendiecks Plus-Konstruktion für Prätopologien"
    Petula Diemke (2023) "Das Drinfeld Zentrum von 2-Gruppen"
    Juliette Wegner (2022) "Baby-Skyrmions in non-standard topology"
    Hannes Berkenhagen (2021) "A categorical extension of the split orthogonal group"
    Johannes Johnke (2021) "Reflection-positive 2-dimensional Topological quantum field theories"
    Sebastian Martinköwitz (2020) "Verzopfungen auf verschränkten Moduln"
    Malte Kunath (2014) "Simpliziale Mengen und (oo,1)-Kategorien"
    Darvin Mertsch (2014) "Algebren über Operaden"
  • Master theses
    Tim Lüders (2023) "Twisted group extensions and bundle gerbes"
    Darvin Mertsch (2017) "Bündelgerben und getwistete K-Theorie"
    Malte Kunath (2017) "Eindimensionale topologische Feldtheorien im Rahmen von (oo,1)-Kategorien"
  • PhD theses
    Malte Kunath (2022) "Geometric T-Duality"
    Darvin Mertsch (2020) "Geometric models for twisted K-theory based on bundle gerbes and algebra bundles"
    Peter Kristel (2020) "The Spinor Bundle on Loop Space and its Fusion Product"